Join the step by step journey to success for Artists, Idealists, Educators, Humanitarians, & Heart-Centered Businesses

Artists & Idealists Growth Studio

with Kristen Palana

Live Your Purpose & Grow Your Impact:
Be Seen and Heard Online and Offline. Attract Your Ideal Collectors & Clients

Embrace Your Purpose, Enhance Your Skills, Grow Your Impact —Transform Your Passion into
Sustainable & PROFITABLE Change!

For too long, you've felt that quiet, persistent tug at your heart.

A calling not just for something more, but something MONUMENTAL.

The time to act, to step into your potential and craft your legacy, is NOW.

Together, let's unlock the doors to your creativity and leadership, empowering you to be seen, be heard, and make an indelible mark on the world. Let me help you get started TODAY.

In The Artists & Idealists Growth Garden, you are going to:

  • Nourish
    • Lay the groundwork for growth by defining your purpose and aligning it with your core values and audience.
    • Craft your mission statement and get clear on what makes you unique.
    • Define your ideal target audience and build the foundations needed to best reach the people who most need your help.

  • Tend
    • Cultivate your skills and discipline, refining your craft and expanding your creative boundaries.
    • Destroy imposter syndrome, fears and blocks, and obliterate overwhelm.
    • Learn sustainable "life hack" habits so you're more disciplined, productive, and able to reach your biggest audacious goals.

  • Sprout
    • Showcase your emerging talent and ideas, making your initial mark in the digital world through effective storytelling.

    • Create and shape your personal brand to put your best foot forward and to have more impact and reach.
    • Learn easy ways to use tech, digital tools, AI, and more to boost your productivity and assist you on your journey.

  • Bloom
    • Harvest opportunities and partnerships to expand your reach and influence, embracing unexpected chances.
    • Supercharge your applications, CV, bio, and other documents so you are as clear and irresistible as possible.

    • Become a leader in your area and increase your "pull" so that the right clients and opportunities come right to you.

  • Flourish
    • Achieve sustainable success and continuous growth by diversifying income streams.
    • Stay on top of your game by easily adapting to new trends and tools in a way that's empowering and even fun.
    • Maintain a healthy cash flow and income stream while you live your purpose, do what you love, and help others.

The Artists & idealists Growth Garden 2024 Live Training Calendar (2025 Coming Soon)

As well as all Kristen's on demand online courses and previous workshop recordings - members of the Artists & Idealists Growth Garden ALSO get to join our live events, workshops, group challenges and virtual office/accountability sessions.

ACCELERATE Your Journey to Become a Celebrated Heart-Centered Innovator, Enhancing Impact in Your Career or Business

Join a vibrant community of like-minded artists, educators, and visionaries who truly understand your journey. Here, you’ll find not just support, but inspiration and a shared commitment to making a difference.

Dive into an extensive library of online courses, meticulously designed to foster your growth and enhance your impact. Engage in monthly group challenges and mastermind sessions that sharpen your skills and expand your horizons.

Benefit from unlimited access to past and future mastermind recordings and invaluable "cheat sheets" and resources. Experience practical, focused training that cuts straight to action, helping you achieve real results swiftly and effectively. Get personalized help and nudges when you need them in our monthly virtual office hours and Q&A sessions.

With our comprehensive support system, you won't get lost in the crowd. Every question answered, every solution provided, prepares you to be not just a leader but a celebrated innovator in your field.

Watch the video below for more information about what you get in the Artists & Idealists Growth Garden and how it works....

Here is Your Path To Success

No More Playing Small. No More Wondering Which Direction to Go In. No More Battles With Tech. No More Fighting to Be Noticed. No More Wasting Time.

There is nothing worse than regret.

A few years ago during the pandemic, thousands of miles from family,

I found myself to be gravely ill in one of the world's poorest countries.
It sparked a stark realization:

Why hadn’t I fully pursued my art and business?
Why did fears of being seen and heard and the daunting idea of marketing hold me back?

Thankfully I recovered and set out on a more courageous path.

I'd had a successful academic career to that point and even realized my childhood dream of making art for UNICEF and other UN organizations, but I forgot to live my truth.

Now, successfully location-independent, making a sustainable income from my art, design, and training,

I only wish I'd started sooner.

Years of trial and error taught me much, but today,
simplifying complex challenges and accelerating others' success is my superpower.
You don’t have to wait or wander—let's cut through the complexity together and start your journey now.

Start your journey toward cumulative success today.

  • Start earning income by doing what you most love while also serving others

  • Start feeling more confident with your personal brand, website, social media marketing, and tech.

  • Get absolute clarity on your mission, target audience, and the best ways to effectively reach your people.

  • Create rock solid healthy habits, discipline, and ways to sustainably stay energetic and positive.

  • Feel the fulfillment of hearing your students, customers, and clients say, 'You've transformed my life!'

  • Embrace confidence, courage, and mastery over your personal brand, online presence, and business.

  • Become completely self sufficient. Save yourself time, money, and headaches by doing tech tasks yourself.

  • Feel the OVERWHELMING pride of finally achieving your goals.

  • Learn how to shine online and make people fall in love with what you do, make, and bring to the table.

Mastering effective communication online and offline can be daunting. Striving to meet your goals, make a lasting impact, and attract new clients and supporters often feels like an uphill battle. There’s so much to learn, countless tasks to juggle, and it seems there’s never enough time. It’s easy to feel lost in a sea of over-hyped programs that promise miracles but leave you more bewildered and undervalued, wondering if you missed a crucial step.

But there's no option except to press on and figure it all out, right?

You CAN manifest the thriving venture you've dreamed of—even when it seems no one around you understands your vision.

That's why our community exists. Here, you’re surrounded by kindred spirits who not only understand your journey but are also walking alongside you. Together, we'll turn your aspirations into achievements, ensuring you never feel alone in your quest for success.

What You Get As An AI Growth Garden Member:

Join the Artists & Idealists Growth Studio to not only gain the confidence, motivation, and accountability needed to thrive but also to become part of a community that understands and supports your unique path to success.

As a member of the Artists & Idealists Growth Studio, you'll gain access to an extensive array of tools and resources designed to empower your creative and professional journey. This includes:

  • Live Mastermind Sessions and Virtual Office Hours: Engage in real-time with experts and community members to refine your strategy, ask questions, and gain insights that keep you moving forward.

  • Step-by-Step Success Path: Follow a proven 5-step framework that guides you through every essential aspect needed to grow a successful, impactful, and profitable heart-centered venture.

  • Full access to 15+ of my highly practical online courses (no drip release), each moving you along the Success Journey with clarity and ease

  • Exclusive members-only LIVE monthly group virtual office and Q&A sessions.

  • Comprehensive Library of Video Courses and Resources: Dive into a wealth of knowledge with courses, cheat sheets, and guides covering everything from artistic expression to business acumen.

  • An exclusive online community for members to network, make friends, chat and share as your grow your businesses and fulfill your callings together.

  • An PDF of ALL of my published books (downloadable and printable)

  • Exclusive discounts to my coaching programs, done-for-you services, one-on-one coaching and live events

  • Access to any new online courses that are released with no extra charge.

Yes! I'm excited to join a community of passionate creators and thinkers, ready to pursue my calling and excel in my artistic career or venture!

What You Get In Your Member's Area Immediately

Here Are Just SOME Of The Online Courses,

Workshops And Books That Are Already

Waiting For You In The Member's Area!

The monthly Masterminds will fast-track you through everything you need to do to complete your Artists and Idealists Growth Garden Success Journey; but my full, detailed step-by-step 'how-to' online courses will ALSO be available to you in full as soon as you sign up, so that you can skip right to any step of the Success Journey that you want and get stuck into following the easy 'follow along' strategies to bring that dream of yours to life.

There are more courses in the membership than what are listed below (some I am still adding in each day) - however here are some student favorites!

ALL of these courses listed below and MANY MORE are INCLUDED in your dashboard as soon as you become a member!

Looking for something that hasn't been added in yet? Send me a message and I'll give you a private link to the perfect resource for YOU and your situation.

There is no 'drip-released' content; every course below is available in FULL, immediately from the moment of sign up:

Create & Shape Your Personal Brand (Like a Boss)

Boost Your Social Media Impact: For Artists & Idealists

Website Do's & Dont's: Boost Your Online Presence for Artists & Idealists

Done-With-You Services
Book a Call

Custom Web or Social Media Audit & Advice

Full Library of eBooks, Templates, & Cheat-Sheets

Your Upcoming Live Workshops in 2024

All live calls are recorded and uploaded to the member's Vault within 24 hours of the training taking place; and all monthly groups challenges are pre-recorded training videos with a Facebook group with daily accountability and optional email check-ins.

So it doesn't matter WHEN you join, or WHERE you are located - we are fully equipped to ensure that you never miss a thing in this global community of artists, idealists, educators, humanitarians, and heart-centered business owners from all over the world!

I've been teaching university students since 2000 and teaching online since 2014. This Is THE First And BEST Exclusive Community For Artists, Idealists, Creatives, NGO Professionals, Humanitarians, Educators, Heart-Centered Business Owners, And Anybody Who Wants To Maximize Their Impact to Better Reach Your Target Audience, Make a Difference, & Make a Sustainable Income.

A huge library of all-access online training, mini-courses, eBooks, challenges and LIVE coaching calls to help you:

  • Become solid on your mission, goals, and ideal target audience

  • Create powerful habits to help you achieve a proper work-life balance, boost your energy, and stay focused

  • Build a successful online version of your brand that works on your behalf 24/7 so you can get on with doing what you love

  • Demystify online marketing

  • Implement growth strategies to grow your following and global audience

  • Get more fans, followers, clients, and sales

  • Become a well-known leader in your field of expertise

  • Create your own courses, training sessions, ebooks, and more

  • Master your tools and explore the latest time-saving tech (like AI)

  • Conquer your fear of being seen and heard online and offline

  • Step into your power with confidence

  • ....and much more!

Also, You'll Get This Exclusive Members Only Bonus!

Live Monthly Mastermind & Q&A Training Calls With Me

$499 USD value

One of the most valuable aspects of being a member of my Growth Garden is having live access to me every month for an action-packed, highly practical 'get it done' Mastermind training AND to answer your most pressing questions, topical training, live tech demos and even reviews of your work!

Even more than having access to all the courses, other Growth Garden members say that the coaching call is what they get the most out of.

A 90min Mastermind training with me is usually $499 alone, so you are ALREADY getting 10 X the value just from the monthly live Mastermind + Q&A training call with me each month!

Join me and the other Growth Garden members and let's take your personal brand, reach, impact, and profits to the next level!

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